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Virtual Local Area Network

With the introduction of Ethernet Switches, the demand for switched Ethernet LAN has been increasing. A single Switch port is being shared with less users, and even reach one user per Switch port (call Private Port Switching). This type of network infrastructure is best fit for the deployment of Virtual LAN. Since 1997, most Boeing programs installed DEChub 900 MultiSwitch and Virtual LANs have been implemented.

Virtual LAN can be defined as groups of users classified by their functions and departments without being bounded by the physical whereabouts of the users and even network devices that they are connected. Typically, a VLAN can be seen as a single broadcast domain.

When you assign a port to a VLAN, everything connected to that port is on the VLAN. This network configuration scheme enables you to configures a set of devices so that they logically appear to be on the same LAN segment, although they may be physically on different segments. Members of a VLAN can communicate as though they were connected to the same physical LAN

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